About Us

Designed in Toronto. Made in Vancouver.

At Trout, we believe that women and men no longer have to choose between looking good and dressing for the weather. With Trout, they can have both.

With a bountiful forecast of raindrops all year round, Trout was founded on the vision of a garment that did not yet exist: a smart raincoat one can wear rain or shine. Trout not only ups the ante with new styles for women's raincoats, but also launches a men’s raincoat collection, as well as Minnow, their first for children, keeping the little ones bone dry and sniffle-free.

Trout’s impeccable quality remains intact. Constructed with the finest of Italian fabrics, all designs are made 100% waterproof, with heat sealed tape that is applied to every seam. Learn more about our superior product quality on our Raincoat Science page. 

In addition, the raincoats (each cleverly named after a species of trout) are universally flattering, thanks to thoughtful design details such as oversized hoods/collars, and oversized bodies with long, slender arms. They fit perfectly with any lifestyle—from a quick walk to the local coffee shop to a slow stroll along a rainy beach—because of hidden hoods, reversible liners, and their classic, timeless design. Trout takes on the every day with grace, charm and conviction. The Lake, Trout’s sporty classic, Baby Gila Trench (a twist on their best-selling Gila from their first collection), Sevan Cape (two-toned cape style with a hood), the Biwa (a reversible, double-breasted overcoat with an oversized ‘armadillo’ hood) and the Rainbow Liner: an ultra lightweight insulation to add an extra layer of warmth on chilly days. The collection features the Bull (a men’s raincoat with a removable hood lined with quilted jersey), and the Minnow, a pint-sized unisex take on the Lake, in playful colours with reflective piping for safety. Sailing rope is used throughout for a nautical-inspired look.

The Story Behind Trout Rainwear.

Having grown up in Canada, co-founding sisters Ashley McDonald and Jenn Lancefield comprehend the importance of being prepared for extreme weather conditions while not sacrificing style for function. Together with their innate sense of style and complimentary skill sets (Ashley worked in the buying department at Selfridges (UK) and Holt Renfrew (Canada) and Jenn is a music industry veteran, Trout was born. Head designer and Parsons alum Sarah Hopgood has worked with fashion brands such as Theory, Ports 1961 and the Hudson's Bay Company.